Healing and Energy Therapy
Healing and Energy Therapy

About John

John Phillips CNHC MNFSH


Approved member of The Healing Trust



Registered with the Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council - CNHC - for the purpose of healing.


Registered with UK Healers.



Registered with the Doctor Healer Network



I am a registered member of the Healing Trust, formally called the National Federation of Spiritual healers base in Northamptonshire and a registered member of the Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council CNHC for the purpose of Healing.


The word Spiritual comes from the Latin 'spiritus' meaning breath of life.


Being an electrical engineer since training in 1966 I was interested in energy fields and realised from a young age that the human body had an energy field around it that is known as the bodies Aura.


In the mid 1970’s I became a member of the Rosicrucian Order AMORC and studied in Metaphysics finally becoming a Fellow of the Rosicrucian Order.


In the mid 1980’s I was introduced into spiritual healing and joined what was then known as The National Federation of Spiritual Healers, now known as the Healing Trust.


I am also a registered Usui Reiki Master with a direct linage from Dr Mikao Usui founder of the original authentic Reiki energy healing. These attunements that I undertook form this is completely different to learning on line or by post and is very important procedure.


The word Reiki being Japanese is translated REI-spirit or sacred and KI-energy.

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